Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funny Photos- Evolution of Man Country-wise

Evolution of man in different countries of the world from the eye of an artist- Funny Images; Europe, Russia, America, Japan, Romania, Poland, Vietnam, Africa, China, Germany, India, Canada, Israel, Ukraine and Georgia

These are only for humor purpose.
We did not create these images and, I warn you right away, most of them are insulting or can at least be seen as insulting to the majority of countries/continents....
Its just humor and you have to look at them to the ‘thousandth degree’ because these images use openly the worst clichés that we can have on one country or continent...
So why do we publish them, well because I think we can laugh at these pictures if we don’t take them seriously, so relax and don’t forget it’s just humoristic.
Evolution is a topic which opposes well science and religion. And I am strongly opposes this theory of man evolution. But hey, its just humor.

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  1. as a canadian with a polish background i have to say that is 100 percent true

  2. Is Europe carrying a mac? I don't understand that one. Is it supposed to be like they are all using foreign tech?

  3. By Europe Carrying a Mac it means that our population use more computers, Xboxes etc...
    Than most other nations.

  4. I'm from Poland and IDK what means that we have the same guy in the row in this picture (is that because we are awesome since the beginning of our nation) :D


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