Thursday, May 10, 2012

Upto 6500 Dollars A Month for A Trainee - Top 20 Intership Companies

6500 Dollars A Month for A Trainee at Google and Microsoft

A few days ago, we learned that a trainee at Facebook earns about $ 5000 per month. That's huge when you consider that some will never reach that amount in salary (about $ 60 000 per year) in their working lives.
Now there are even higher: at Microsoft and Google, this is between 6500 and 7000 dollars a month...
Mobile Reviews Online sent me the following table, made from data collected from 10 to 20 trainees per company. Companies are ranked by the total score assigned to them by students. Now here is what happens by the classification by the amount paid each month to the trainees:
  1. Microsoft 6746 dollars for a research intern
  2. Google 6463 dollars for a trainee level software engineer
  3. Intel 5681 dollars for a trainee level technical 3rd round
  4. Amazon 5552 dollars for an engineering intern-ship in software development
  5. Price Waterhouse Coopers 4702 dollars for a consultant trainee

Top 20 International Internship Companies

Here is a table of Top 20 Highest Rated Companies for Internship. You will see company's rating, interview difficulty rating, job title and average monthly pay in the table below.
Top 20 Highest Rated Companies for Internship
Top 20 Highest Rated Companies for Internship
If you look at the table, you notice that the second column contains a note that assesses the difficulty of the internship interview for acceptance into the company. Here are some pearls told by the candidates:
Google "How many ping pong balls can you get into a school bus?"
Microsoft "What looks like a student dormitory in 10 years?"
Ernst & Young "What do you think of that can of Pepsi?"
JPMorgan Chase "If you have two hourglasses, one lasts 7 minutes before the sand falls and the other lasts 4 minutes, how do you use both to get a precise time of 12 minutes?"

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  1. All the examples that you have quoted for Google, Microsoft, Ernst & Young and JPMorgan Chase... That is how they judge and pick a brain worldwide... called human resource hunting, these companies invest hundred and millions of dollars to hunt a brain.


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