Friday, June 4, 2010

Humiliation of Humanity by Israil

Now a day, why human beings are being humiliated and insulted? Are we living in modern era of peace or cruelty and ignorance? If we look upon the ancient times we feel the human beings have been killed with cruelty and there was no concept of kindness and pittiness and affectionate. In these days we are practising same but slogan of day is "Freedom of Expression, Peace and Prosperity". But we are living so far away from these and I am observing that especially Muslims are mostly being hatred. Now a days a war is being fought against Muslims, war against Iraq and Afghanistan are examples.
Freedom Flotilla is a humanitarian assistance for the people of GAZA, Palestine. Turks and other more than 40 countries participated in this aid program for the Gaza which is surrounded by Israel and Gaza is isolated from the entire world. In the words of Hamid Mir (A Famous Pakistani Journalist), Gaza is the biggest jail of the world.
People of Gaza are being deprived from basic needs of life. In Freedom Flotilla Aid Program, Non-Muslim Countries also participated and cooperated for Palestinians. But unfortunately Zionists attacked the ship and killed 20 innocent, peaceful and unarmed people. And Israeli government officials are not ashamed on this action. They are feeling proud after killing 20 innocent but precious lives and 60 more were injured too. UN, OIC, Arab League, USA, UK and other nations of the world should take some diplomatic steps to stop such type of incidents in future.

Article Written By: Syed Baqir Hussain Naqvi
Contact: 0333-9824314

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